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What Makes People Want to Leave a PR Agency?

The average London agency will see 20% of their employees leave each year. Would you like to know the main reasons given by candidates for seeking a new job? Head on over to LinkedIn to find out.

Added on 11.07.2017

Counter Offers, and Walking Candidates Through Them

When do you talk to candidates about counter-offers? Hopefully very early on - even during your first meeting with them. This has clear benefits for you and your candidate:

  • allows you to walk the candidate through the many reasons to not accept the offer;
  • helps you sound out the candidate on the issue and identify those who aren't that serious about making a move;  
  • raises the issue at the right time (rather than when the offer is received, which can make you look self-interested).

Be sure to get your candidates to think about why they're leaving. Accepting a counter-offer is almost always a very bad idea - here's why.

Added on 27.06.2017

Using Social Media to Screen Applicants? Why Not Use it to Recruit?

There's a huge disparity between the use of social media to evaluate an applicants's suitability and the use of social media to attract candidates. read more

Added on 11.11.2016

The Key to Employee Motivation?

Do higher wages always mean a productive team, or is there something else management need to do to ensure highly motivated and engaged employees? read more

Added on 03.08.2016

PR & Communications CVs - Simple Dos and Don'ts

A few tips from a PR recruiter who has seen far too many bad CVs! A companion article for our guide to writing a killer PR & Communications CV. read more

Added on 04.06.2016

Interview Questions You're Likely to be Asked - and How to Respond

At interview and asked something seemingly random? Your interviewer is likely trying to build a picture of you the person, rather than you the worker. read more

Added on 06.04.2016

Why Leadership Helps You Recruit, And How To Demonstrate It

Staff motivation cannot be bought with good facilities and financial incentives. Leadership is a vital part of engagement and, therefore, recruitment. read more

Added on 29.03.2016

Is Your Company Blog Part of Your Recruitment Strategy?

A call to employers: think about devoting more time and resources to blogging. Done right, it can attract the sort of people you want to work for you! read more

Added on 21.08.2015
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