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Office Reputation Management Crash Course, Part 1: You

People are as good as they are seen to be: not fair, but true. Things that you can do to foster the correct image of yourself as an individual. read more

Added on 03.10.2014

Why multiple candidate representation hurts everyone

If a client has two agencies putting forward the same candidate for the same job it makes everyone look bad - but whose fault is it? read more

Added on 13.09.2014

Employers - Here's How to Build a Better Talent Pool

Do you know how engaged and enthused the people in your network are about your business? Are you sure they even understand your business? read more

Added on 11.08.2014

The RIGHT way to save money on recruitment costs

Ever lost a team member because they were not happy with (and not a good fit for) their role? Here's what you can do to stop this happening again. read more

Added on 30.06.2014

The WRONG way to save money on recruitment costs

It's tempting to try to reduce costs by slashing recruitment margins. Before you consider this, remember the old saying 'you get what you pay for'. read more

Added on 14.06.2014

Five Steps to Make Your Recruiting Process Easier

Most companies need to work on attracting better candidates, improve their interview process and stop making costly recruitment mistakes. Learn how! read more

Added on 01.06.2014

Great questions to ask nearly any interviewee

Questions for interviewers that should suit almost any interview for any role, organised according to the type of information they should give you. read more

Added on 18.05.2014

Interesting discussion at the inaugural PRWeek.com Employer's Forum

PRFutures recently sponsored a PRWeek discussion forum on employment issues involving the winners of this year's 'Best Places to Work' awards. read more

Added on 20.04.2014

Candidate Attraction and the Art of Positive Candidate Experience

For the best candidates - the ones you really need - competition is fierce. To attract 'candidates of choice' you must be an 'employer of choice'. read more

Added on 04.04.2014

How to negotiate the best salary

Don't shoot yourself in the foot when negotiating salary. Handle it right and you'll not only improve your present finances but future prospects too. read more

Added on 03.04.2014
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