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Words you should really stay away from on your LinkedIn profile

There are certain words that make recruiters' eyes glaze over when they read them. Stop your LinkedIn profile looking like thousands of others. read more

Added on 02.04.2014

Employers: Time to Make Room for Generalists?

A wake up call for employers to recognise that they could be missing a trick by overlooking candidates with wider skills and knowledge. read more

Added on 19.03.2014

Four Interview Questions That Employers Should Always Ask

Four brilliant questions that should get an interesting discussion going and help any interviewer get past the CV to the person they're interviewing. read more

Added on 03.03.2014

Looking like a 'Jack of All Trades' Can Hurt Employment Prospects

Don't overwhelm or distract employers with pages of skills that don't relate to the job in hand; instead, let your key skills find you your dream job. read more

Added on 24.02.2014

Costly Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A look at various things that should be done to make sure that your company is not one of those that ends up paying the price for poor recruitment. read more

Added on 09.02.2014

How to write job adverts that attract the right applicants

It's a sad fact that many job adverts contain exactly the same sorts of mistakes that employers or recruiters find unforgiveable on CVs. read more

Added on 13.01.2014

2014 already proving to be busy

2014 is proving to be extremely busy both for agency and in-house roles. The PRFutures in-house team have been working hard and achieving great results; we're pleased to announce that we have placed the Head of PR & Public Affairs for Sage Publishing and also PR Manager for iconic brand Barry M. 

Added on 08.01.2014

Latest Social Recruitment Trends: Jobvite's 2013 Survey

Popular social recruiting platform Jobvite has published its sixth annual survey into social recruitment. We take a quick look at the key findings. read more

Added on 17.10.2013

Some of our favourite PR successes so far in 2013

From the straightforward to the hi-tech, from the honest to the tongue-in-cheek, here's some of our favourite recent happenings in the world of PR. read more

Added on 29.09.2013

Take Control of your Web and Social Media Footprint

If you work in digital media, you are at a disadvantage if you don't have a web footprint of your own, independent of any company you work for. read more

Added on 03.09.2013
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