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What the new Daft Punk album can teach us about marketing

The excitement that has built around Daft Punk's first 'proper' new long playing release since 2005 is a good reminder of some marketing truths. read more

Added on 22.05.2013

Busting the myths about recruitment consultants

Bit of a rant this one, but we felt it was time to set the record straight! Three (all too common) myths about recruitment consultants busted. read more

Added on 20.04.2013

Recruiters: DOs and DON'Ts to make your candidates remember you

Some advice on easy ways that recruiters can keep their talent pool happy. Most is either common sense or common courtesy, and it's all easy to do! read more

Added on 06.04.2013

Recruiters, do you still use the phone?

If the answer isn't a resounding 'YES' then we think you're missing a trick. Yes, email and social media are handy - but the best dialogue is verbal. read more

Added on 01.03.2013

How to Handle Your Promotion

This can be an awkward transition to make, but make it you must if you are to be an effective and respected manager of your new team. read more

Added on 08.01.2013

Performance Appraisals: nothing to be afraid of

A performance appraisal should really be a valuable learning experience for the manager and a development experience for the employee. read more

Added on 10.12.2012

Advanced techniques to find people on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for recruitment. Here's a list of the reasons we like it, and some tips and tricks to use it effectively. read more

Added on 18.11.2012

In House PR Vacancies Filled

We've been really busy networking and head hunting for our clients, and have successfuly assisted a number of clients in finding their in-house PR and Communications professionals. Recently we have placed:

  • Communications Manager for Bpha,
  • PR Executive for My 1st Years, and 
  • PR Manager for Rosslyn Associates

These roles were successfully filled in a matter of weeks! 

Coupled with this we have also been busy with our preferred suppliers, and we continue to be their number one supplier for PR and Communications professionals - on both the permanent and freelance side. Please do visit our jobs section for the latest roles.

Added on 03.10.2012

Salary Survey 2012

We've completed a salary survey for all our clients, and the results are interesting. read more

Added on 16.08.2012

Digital Recruitment Win

We're pleased to announce that - along with a number of digital placements within our agency clients - we have successfully completed an assignment for Nissan Europe. We were approached to search for a new position: Digital Engagement Community Manager for the AMIE Region. This assignment has been completed and the successful candidate starts in July! 

Added on 26.06.2012
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