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Latest Social Recruitment Trends: Jobvite's 2013 Survey

Popular social recruiting platform Jobvite has published its annual survey into social recruitment. The first survey was published in 2008, and this year over 1600 independent recruiters and in-house HR professionals took part.

This is a US survey but its findings make for interesting reading in the UK too.

Added on 17.10.2013

Income from social recruiting

Nearly all the recruiters surveyed in 2013, 94%, used social media in recruitment (in 2008 this figure was 78%) - and 60% of those using it reported that more than $20,000 (£12,375) of their income came from vacancies filled via social media, with 20% reporting over $90,000 (£55,695) of earnings attributable to social media activity.

Candidate standards

A third of recruiters surveyed reported that recruiting via social media improved both the number and standard of candidates, with 59% of respondents reporting that their best candidates came via social media or corporate career sites (up on previous years and now nearly level with the 64% attributed to referral).

Looking the longevity of employees (a very good indication of the success and cost-effectiveness of recruitment technique) respondents indicated that only 14% of candidates sourced through job boards stayed with the company for more than three years (compare that to 43% for referrals via social media). So much for job boards putting recruiters out of business!

What sites are recruiters using?

As you might expect, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter were most commonly used to make contact with potential candidates, but there are a growing number of recruiters using 'up and coming sites' like Pinterest and Instagram, and more specialised sites - for example, GitHub or StackOverflow to find developers.

Getting the company message to potential candidates

When it comes to communications from employers, Facebook (65%) and Twitter (47%) were the most popular sites for businesses to put across brand messages and corporate culture. The survey found that communication between companies and candidates is more or less continuous, with all parties recognising the importance of staying in touch with those in their networks on an ongoing basis.

Checking on candidates

And social media is used by recruiters not just to locate candidates, but throughout the evaluation and interview process too - 93% used LinkedIn for this, 25% used Facebook, and 18% used Twitter - and 42% of recruiters stated that they had re-evaluated a candidate based on what they had posted in their social profiles.

The full survey is well worth a read and can be accessed on Jobvite's website